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Tamperalert™ Fire Extinguisher Tamper Alarm

Posted On 2 June 2015

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Tamperalert™ Fire Extinguisher Tamper Alarm – PRESS RELEASE 

DFM Security Technology does their bit for improved fire safety.

Incredible as it may seem, fire extinguishers and water hose reels in public places are often subject to theft, vandalism and misuse. The deep concerns this causes for safety in the event of an emergency are obvious, plus there’s a hugely expensive knock-on effect for the organisations which have to repair and replace them.

Sydney-based security company DFM has just announced the release of a new tamper alarm, which uses innovative design to put an end to any such abuse. A tamper and water-proof transmitter with a specially designed steel loop is fixed to the extinguisher or hose reel, which sounds an alarm both at the scene and to a special receiver, which then relays to a fire or alarm panel and can be up to 150 metres away. When needed, a repeater can be used to extend RF range.

There are dual loop models available as well. It means one transmitter can monitor two pieces of equipment registered in different equipment ID. It is cost effective.

Mr Jim Qiu at DFM sums up what is surely the best benefit DFM’s new tamper alarm brings; peace of mind. “It’s a shame such vandalism still occurs”, he concludes, “and we wanted to bring an end to the safety risks it causes. Now anyone who owns or is responsible for property requiring fire extinguishers or hose reels can relax in the knowledge their safety equipment is where it should be, in working order”.