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ACTIVOR Wireless Transmitter and Repeater

ACTIVOR Wireless 4-way Transmitter RTI10 is designed to transmit the signal coming from any dry contacts (NO or NC), such as buttons, switches and relays, to any ACTIVOR receivers. It eliminates the need to run cable between the switch and controller.

ACTIVOR Wireless Repeater REP22 extends RF range for all DFM’s wireless products. The multi-repeater design provides a solution for large commercial site application.

Mini 4-channel transmitter RTI10

p6 RTI10 web

Main Features:

-          Suitable for all types of dry contacts NO or NC as inputs

-          RF range up to 100m open air

-          4-channel hardwired inputs and 4-channel wireless outputs - each has LED indication

-          Compact design to fit in limited space

-          Compatible with all ACTIVOR receivers

Voltage:                             6-15VDC

Current:                             <=30mA

Transmitting power:         <=10mW

Transmitting range:          up to 100m open air

Dimensions:                      53 x 31 x 25mm


Wireless Repeater REP22


Main features

-          Simple and easy to install, use and maintain

-          Single or multi-repeater application

-          Options of code-passing-through or code-verification operation

-          Signal switch with dual functions serving as both tamper and learning button

-          Wide wireless range up to 100m open air

-          Back up battery included

-          IP65

Voltage:                             6-15VDC

Current:                             <=15mA

Frequency:                        433.9MHz

Transmitting power:         <=10mW

Transmitting range:          up to 100m open air

Capacity:                           50

IP:                                      65

Back up battery:                AA rechargeable

Dimensions:                      64 x 104 x 39mm