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Temperange™ Dual Temperature Alarm

DFM’s Temperange is specially designed to protect food or valuable assets from spoilage or damage caused by the temperature falling outside of safe ranges.

It is equipped with two sensors, i.e. a local and a remote sensor, to constantly monitor the temperature in two separate environments. When the temperature exceeds the pre-set safe temperature range by falling too low or rising too high, it will sound an alarm, and in the meantime send out a signal to other control panels. 

Temperange™ Dual Temperature Alarm WSE29

WSE29 Web
  • Simultaneous operation of local and remote sensors
  • Standalone or works with alarm panel
  • Easy to set and adjust Low and High temperature limit
  • Separate alarm outputs for Low and High temperature
  • Two line LED display to show both local and remote temperature
  • Audible alarm can be easily silenced
  • The system can be temporarily turned off easily. This allows the user to perform maintenance without generating an alarm
  • Desk top or wall mount installation for the local unit
  • Wall mounting faceplate included for the remote sensor
  • It suits the industry or environment in which consistent temperature is a concern, such as food and medical storage, computer rooms, greenhouses, wine cellars, laboratories, pet stores, bakeries, florists, etc.  

Dual Temperature Alarm WSE29

-          Accuracy: +/- 1.5°C

-          Operating temperature: 0° - 60°C

-          Voltage: 9-15VDC

-          Current: 35mA standby; 300mA max.

-          Two alarm relays: relay 1 – low temperature; relay 2 – high temperature

-          Relay rating: SPDT, 1A 24VDC/120VAC

-          Audible alarm: adjustable 0- 90dB

-          Dimensions: 130mm x 90mm x 35mm

 External probe

-          Temperature range: -40 - 60°C

-          The probe is sealed – water proof

-          5m wire

-          GPO mounting faceplate included

-          Can be extended up to 100m